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Leiria is a small and charming city that leaves no one indifferent.

Located in the tourist region of Fatima, is characterised by its many natural resources and a variety of tourist activities nearby.

On the coastline you will contemplate a masterful landscape, and the majestic monuments and places of religious pilgrimage will show you the soul of this place.


Seafood and fish comprise the most of the diet due to the proximity of the coast. Lobsters are the most popular, but bream clams, sole or sea bass are also highly prized. Not forgetting the famous grilled sardine.

As for the meats, the most popular is the roast leg of lamb, the strands of grilled pork, black pudding rice, and succulent "Suckling pig Moda da Boa Vista", typical of the region.

When talking about desserts, it is necessary to cite the "Brisas do Lis" small round cakes that contain almonds, sugar and eggs forming a deep orange color, and the pinion cakes.


The historical centre hosts Leiria Cathedral, Convento de Santo Agostinho, La Misericordia Church and Shrine of Our Lady of the Incarnation, an overview of the city that draws a beautiful picture. In Leiria you will also find the creative and original MIMO museum (museum of moving image) and the paper museum.

Very close to Leiria is settled the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, one of the largest centers of Christian pilgrimage, as well as the Monastery of Alcobaça and Batalha Monastery, both Unesco World Heritage. Finally, the sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles and Joao Soares House Museum in Parliament are also places that worth a visit.


For those who fully enjoy nature, the Leiria Pine grove is a scenic and geological wealth, which in turn is the oldest in Portugal. The lagoon of Ervideria is also a place to enjoy the greenery and practice sports such as hiking or biking.

The coast is the choice of many travellers for its great beauty. The liveliest beach is São Pedro de Moel, 30 minute drive from Leiria. Nazaré beach is another great spot to relax. And Vieira and Pedrógão beaches are wonderful places where you can see the typical fishing boats.

Throughout the region there are different traditional festivals where dance, music and flavors are the protagonists.


Leiria is a busy city at night. The centre is packed with bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants, and the streets are filled with people who brighten up the town. Also on numerous occasions various outdoor performances enliven the ancient part of Leiria.